A Dress for a Special Occasion

My Cousin and I both got engaged on the same day (Christmas Day 2013) my partner and I decided we weren’t in any rush to get married but my cousin decided she wanted to get married as soon as possible (7 months later they were married). So I had to find something to wear and as most ladies we worry about horror of horrors someone turns up in the same outfit,  I thought right I can do this I can make a dress, I had just bought myself Love At First Stitch by Tilly and the Buttons ( I saw Tilly on the Great British Sewing Bee and thought she was brill). I decided The Lilou Dress was THE dress for me to wear to my Cousins wedding, so I set about making it, the instructions were brilliant and very clear and having the photos was such a help, my sewing skills however were not up to scratch and I didn’t make a muslin.  The top of the dress is a lined bodice which went ok, even my first attempt at pleats went well and my zip went in like a dream – the problem with the dress was ME,  I have a real problem with my upper arms and lots of things went through my mind could I attach sleeves or wear a shrug but I just thought with only a couple of weeks til the wedding (nothing like leaving things til the last minute) I thought I would have to give up and buy something.  The pattern was amazing but my choice of fabric and my body hang ups just does not do the pattern justice – I didn’t even finish the hem and put it in the wardrobe to one day finish it.

Lilou Dress

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